7" Solar Wireless Intercom VideoPhone Unlock Complete KIT
7" Solar Wireless Intercom VideoPhone Unlock Complete KIT
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7" Solar Wireless Intercom VideoPhone Unlock Complete KIT

Wireless Solar Powered Video Intercom Doorbell System Complete Kit with  7 inch color screen Photo 2.4G 1:1

Solar Wireless Intercom Powered by  Solar VideoPhone Complete KIT

Model: GWJSWSolar

This KIT includes Solar Power Panel System and Rechargeable Battery. It's Completely Wireless System.

This wireless video door phone has a 7 inch screen which can give you a better view of the visitor. It can also work with solar panels to fix the power connection problem at the door. In addition, it comes with wireless unlock module and remote which enable you to unlock the door remotely without the indoor units.

*2.4G Digital/*TFT LCD/*Monitor/*Talk/*Unlock/*Camera/*Chord/*Date & Time/*Night View


1)7 inch LCD screen for indoor unit

2)Wireless video & Audio intercom between outdoor and indoor unit

3)Take photo automatically when no answer, up to 100 photos

5)Support 1 outdoor unit to 3 indoor units

6)Rechargeable lithium battery for outdoor gate unit

7)Outdoor camera can work in power saving and monitoring modes

8)Solar power panel for the outdoor camera

9)Waterproof Rain Protector Cover for outdoor gate station camera

10)Wireless Receiver, powered by DC12V, is for unlocking gate via unlock key on indoor Monitor unit.

Solar Power Panel:

1)Model: GP010PA

2)Peak Power: 10W max

3)Power Current: 0.58A max

4)Weight: 1.15Kg

5)Size: 345*285*18

Package include:

1)Wireless Inside Door Video Monitor x 1;

2)Wireless Gate Station (include Rechargeable Battery) x 1;

3)Rain Protector Cover x 1;

4)Solar Panel & Controller for Gate Station x 1;

5)Wireless Receiver for unlocking x 1;

6)Power Adapter x 2;

7)Parts & User Manual.



1)Wireless Gate Station Powered by Solar System (include), don't  need extra Power Supply.

2)The cable length is 5 meters from Solar Panel to gate station.

3)The wireless distance is 200 meters in free field, usually 80M in factual House situation.

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